NetBase Certified users are an elite group of professionals who have proven their proficiency with the NetBase platform. Achieving NetBase Certification empowers you, no matter where you are in your NetBase journey.

NetBase certification increases your proficiency with the NetBase platform and gives you a deeper understanding of how to leverage NetBase for your organization.

  • New analysts can onboard and find game-changing insights quickly
  • Veteran analysts can get a refresher on best practices and fundamentals
  • Managers can ensure new analyst team members get trained on NetBase as fast as possible
  • Everyone can validate analyst expertise—agencies can show clients their NetBase acumen and brands can optimize internal resources
  • Individuals can use certification to earn credibility in their field and support career advancement

"This is one of the better certifications out there. The exam and the Express Learning program do a perfect job of getting our analysts up to speed quickly."

- Joseph Gudino

Manager, Paid Social, JUST Media, Inc.

Achieving certification comes with perks:

  • A digital badge and certificate, with email links to share on social media and add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Access to select Beta programs for NetBase features
  • The option to be included in the NetBase Certified User Directory (accessible by registered NetBase users only)
  • A potential opportunity to speak at NetBase LIVE or NetBase On Tour events


  • Certification is available to individual NetBase users with the Analyst role in a named user account:
  • Complete the NetBase Express Learning program
  • Request access to the certification exam, which includes 80 questions and has a 90-minute time limit
  • Pass the exam by scoring 70% or above
  • For details, visit the NetBase Certification Center.


  • Candidates must have the Analyst role in the NetBase platform and a named NetBase user login assigned to their individual email address. Users who share a NetBase login with another person or across a team are not eligible for certification.
  • Candidates must complete Express Learning on NB360 while being logged in with their named NetBase user account.
  • Candidates must submit a request to access the Certification exam, which will be made available through a unique URL associated with their named NetBase user login. The team receiving these requests will respond to customers within three (3) business days.
  • Candidates must complete the exam in a single 90 minute-session and answer 70% of the questions correctly.

NOTE: NetBase Certification exam questions and content are subject to change.

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